During the relationship http://www.mensjournal.com/health-fitness/health/are-you-watching-too-much-porn-20130821 of singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and Cuban-born businessman Ojani Noa, Ojani captured footage within the couple fighting with their mothers and sexy home videos using their descreet affairs honeymoon. The footage possesses check my reference recently been branded mainly because the « sex tape » by the news flash.

In 2004, Noa was sued by Lopez for allegedly breaching a confidentiality contract. In a agreement, Noa decided not to brand or sell the intimate details of their marriage. Although a few years subsequently, if the subject of a tell-all book came up, Noa again called for a settlement.

Now, Noa’s business partner, Ed Meyer, promises that the alluring video is preparing to be produced. States to have a backup of the video, and says that it is probably be streamed or marketed on MOVIE. He as well claims the fact that the video includes a good deal of salacious material.

It may be the fact that JLo and Ojani Noa marriage was obviously a doomed a person, but that does not mean that the footage should be revealed. Lopez has put in millions of dollars in court costs to keep her private movies out of sight. Whenever Noa is prosperous in getting the video footage out into the public domain, it’ll certainly be a huge embarrassment for her.

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According to reports, Noa plans to discharge hours of footage using their marriage. The alluring home video footage reportedly may include a fight among Lopez and her mother, a spanking of her good friend, and some of Lopez putting on skimpy clothing.

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