The Runaways is the 1st all-female hard rock band. These people were active among 1975 and 1979. Their very own name is likewise the title of any lesbian film starring Mary Jett and Lilly Allen.

This film is the 1st to receive IMDB’s new « F-Rating » category. It stars several young women of all ages in a small area. They are all interested in one of the more odd relationships you can expect to ever see.

A grouping of women happen to be drawn together by a strange force that initiates these people into the subconscience spheres. All their love affair isn’t exactly what that they expected.

This Canadian film is freely based on the Susan Swan novel The Wives of Bath. The two main heroes are the protagonists of a satirical feminist funny. The movie can be directed simply by Lea Pool.

The movie is mostly a feisty a person. There’s a lot of actions going on inside the apartment. This is certainly a very popular saphic girls movie. The cast features Jane Birkin, Philippe Leotard, and Maruschka Detmers.

There exists a great obscene amount of actions that goes on in this film. The movie trailer also incorporates a steamy absolutely adore affair between a newly engaged girl and a lady construction employee. The movie is a wonderful one to see if you like this genre.

The film is also authored by a woman. The stream-of-conscious lien uses works of 16th-century lesbian poet person Katherine Philips. The movie is of a enigma.

The film features a surviving love affair that is not a direct result of the « magical » thing. This is because the surviving mate is not actually a lesbian.

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