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The bond’s coupon relative to the risk-free rate is also important to assess the opportunity cost of investing in bonds as opposed to equities. In the end, anything with the potential to impact cash flows on the bond, as well as its risk-adjusted return profile, should be evaluated relative to potential investment alternatives. At Yubi, we favour individual bonds over bond exchange-traded funds or bond funds. Our bond traders at Yubi are familiar with and well-versed in dealing with premium and discount bonds. When there is an increase in interest rate, there will be a decrease in the price of a bond and vice versa.

What is an example of a premium bond?

For example, if a bond with a $2000 face value and 10% coupon rate is trading at $2200, it is a premium bond. However, the bondholder will still get $200 interest, as mentioned in the bond contract. At the time of maturity, the bondholder will still be repaid $2000.

However, it is up to the investor to which one suits their business needs and the prevailing market conditions. Discount bonds typically have lower coupons and longer durations because more of an investor’s principal is earned at maturity. Federal Reserve has continued its aggressive series of interest rate hikes. The higher income generated by increased coupon payments could help offset some of the price declines as rates rise. Also, with higher coupon payments, investors are able to reinvest the funds and take advantage of higher rates. In this paper, we show that the price of a premium bond and the price of a discount bond will both move toward face value at an increasing rate as the bonds approach maturity.


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  • We think premium bonds offer value in many interest rate environments.
  • It enables an investor to create a proficient and strategic financial plan.
  • A better convention would be to report the yield to maturity or yield to call, whichever is smaller.
  • A bond’s promised yield is an indicator of what an investor can expect to earn if all of the bond’s promised payments are made and market conditions do not change.

In the next section, we provide a few numerical examples and graphical representations to illustrate the mathematical proofs. The Structured Query Language comprises several different data types that allow it to store different types of information… Please be advised, this content is restricted premium bonds bonds to financial professional access only. This information does not constitute investment research as defined under MiFID. And we also explore Consolsand Straight / Vanilla bondsin different articles. That’s because a Bond’s price is a function of its inherent risks and rewards.

Want to go beyond Discount vs Premium Bonds?

Issuers are more likely to call a bond when rates fall since they don’t want to keep paying above-market rates. This means that some of the capital the investor paid could disappear. Then, the investor would receive fewer interest payments with the high coupon.

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