It is a w3c standard, which is a standard interface of programming for HTML. It is mainly used for defining the objects and properties of all elements in HTML web development technologies HTML. It also defines the methods for accessing the HTML elements. ValueCoders has been able to establish the continuity of the development process.

They often stray too far into technical talk to be digestible or useful to people in other areas of the business, especially business owners and marketers. This event will take place in person at the Wakefield Library. Interested in using computers but don’t know where to start? REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED and REGISTRATION OPENS ONE WEEK PRIOR TO CLASS – This Program is Limited to Three Persons. This event will take place in person at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library in the Mac Lab .Do you have trouble with your email?

HTML web development technologies

ASP.NET is a development framework for building web pages and web sites with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server scripting. Our developed applications deliver amazingly secure user experiences and boost your conversions. We are the best web development company in India with the superiority of bringing together novelty, creativity, and coding skills to deliver the most advanced and business-focused websites.

Programming languages

Luckily, with the right internet technology tutorial, you should be able to learn more about them in no time. Developed in Node.js, Express.js is a web app development network that is great for those who need to develop apps and APIs as fast as possible. A lot of great features are provided with the help of plugins. It covers the complete learning cycle from the very fundamentals to more advanced topics such as Layouts, Partials, and View Helpers, giving quite a few practical tasks in parallel.

— This viewport element ensures the page renders at the width of viewport, preventing mobile browsers from rendering pages wider than the viewport and then shrinking them down. However, the key to choosing the right web development technologies is really in choosing the right partner to execute your project. However, they aren’t just haphazard digital filing cabinets. They provide a consistent, organized structure for storing and retrieving large amounts of data.

HTML web development technologies

Considering all the programming languages, HTML is the most search engine friendly. Devising SEO compliant websites using HTML is significantly more indulgent than any other programming language. HTML causes the most trivial SEO complications and affords the greatest flexibility when trying to build an SEO obedient website. Dynamic HTML is not a markup or programming language but it is a term that combines the features of various web development technologies for creating the web pages dynamic and interactive. While web development has tilted towards the user and tends to cater to the visual preferences and customer needs, back-end development is what actually fuels web development. Web and mobile applications will not have the desired functionality, scalability, and responsiveness without an adequate back-end development framework.

React JS

So, the question is not to choose the best among many web technologies available in the market but to find the one that complies with your website requirements. The setup is even more configurable than Django’s, providing a wide range of options for every production requirement. With capabilities like ORM, Middleware, Security, Coaching, and more, Ruby on Rail can be your go-to application toolkit.

Since .NET has now become completely open-source, you can expect ASP.NET to become even more popular as one of the main web development technologies in 2020 and upcoming years. PHP – It is a popular, open-source scripting language that is free to download and use. The code of PHP is executed on the server, and the result is returned to the browser as plain HTML. HTML – It is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser.

This event will take place in person at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Library in the Mac Lab .Learn how to create a slideshow presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Topics include creating and editing slides, inserting images and clipart, and running your slideshow. Responsive web design and development is a set of techniques used to make sure a website looks and feels great on an array of different devices.

HTML web development technologies

Availing custom application development services will be the best alternative to creating a full-featured web app, which ultimately helps meet your business goals. Personalization of content has become an important part of user experience. However, if you have an idea for web development, you can reach out to the best web development consultant.

FAQs About Different Web Technologies

Below are some of the technologies you should know for website development work. We have the best frontend web technologies to suit your business requirements. Choosing the right and latest web development technologies for your project is an important step to ensure the ultimate success of your product or service. If you have preferences for specific technologies used in web development, let us know about them, and we will find ways to utilize them most effectively. PWA is not limited to either PC or mobile, and they can be implemented both on desktops and mobile devices. To figure out if a website is a PWA, you can access different pages and see if the pages reload.

  • You can change the MySQL server easily with MariaDB without any code changes.
  • Chatbots are a great way for customers to get answers to their questions more quickly.
  • With capabilities like ORM, Middleware, Security, Coaching, and more, Ruby on Rail can be your go-to application toolkit.
  • According to StackOverflow’s annual survey, JavaScript is the most popular programming language with 62.5% of respondents claiming to use it.
  • Because frameworks give you a headstart on your development, they’re more cost effective than developing entirely new code.
  • Scala stands for Scalable Language, and is one of the many attempts to “rewrite Java” and it is compiled to run on the Java Virtual Machine .
  • And a web development team with several coding languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and other programming languages and give functionality to the design.

In essence, HTML creates the structure of a webpage structure and CSS user to style the HTML. I stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in HTML and CSS including HTML5 and CSS3. We’re passionate about helping startups build better products and grow faster.

#React.js and Vue.js

As a result, the developer must constantly be updated with all developments. Web technology talks about the various techniques and tools applied in communicating different types of programs over the internet. If you aspire to create a website that looks and functions as you want, you must know about the web technologies list that will help you achieve your aim.

This class covers how to take the basic logic from Class 1 and use it to create functions that process data based on conditions. Topics include SUMIF/AVERAGEIF/COUNTIF and SUMIFS/AVERAGEIFS/COUNTIFS. You will receive an email 2 hours prior to the start of the class with the link to join the virtual class. We provide complex software solutions for media startups. Our goal is to create user engagement applications that let visitors focus on great content and easily find any information they want.

Chatbots are a great way for customers to get answers to their questions more quickly. When a chatbot fails, they pass the query onto human authorities who can provide the necessary assistance in less time-frame than it would take with regular email or phone calls. With the poor online presence, no business can make a good reach in the market as in this modern era audience prefer using sites integrated with the latest technologies. The start tag is simply the tag name is enclosed in angle bracket whereas the closing tag is specified including a forward slash (/). The word markup refers to the symbols that are used to define structure of the text.

What Web Development Technologies should you use?

The exploitation of cloud-based resources such as storage, networking, and software will be an important trend during the pandemic. HTML is the combination of Hypertext and Markup language. Markup language is used to define the text document within tag which defines the structure of web pages.


If they don’t, they are behaving as an app, and they are an example of PWA. There are many popular PWA that we are currently using daily such as Pinterest, Uber, Starbucks, and Spotify. We will go through some of the most popular and well-known web technologies to figure out which kind of technologies you need for your project.

The developers of this organization have delivered 4200+ projects. Its high-level security and these other 7 reasons make Python very popular as a back-end server scripting language. Bootstrap is another free and powerful open source framework for the front-end. It has been designed for creating mobile-friendly, responsive, and dynamic websites and applications. Bootstrap includes JavaScript and CSS templates for navigation, buttons, forms, typography, and other essential UI components/elements.

The most admirable feature of JavaScript is that it can be utilized for both frontend and backend development. You can get in touch with a JavaScript Development Company for any type of support. Free and open-source, with a vibrant and active community, excellent documentation, and various free and paid support options.


Python deserves to be included in the best back-end web development technologies available. The technology delivers multiple standard libraries that simplify the process of web development. With the assistance of Node.JS, you can perform the server-side operations under the JavaScript programming language.

ASP.NET Core is used for building web apps and services, Internet of Things apps, and mobile backends. Compared to Angular, AngularJS is based on JavaScript and has notions of scope and controllers instead of a hierarchy of components and services like Angular. AngularJS follows the MVC (model-view-controller) model, which acts as the central component and dictates how the applications behave. The main language of the web is JavaScript, presented on most web pages and web apps on the client-side. This means that the web technologies are mostly based on JavaScript, while server-side technologies are varied (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, or even server-side JavaScript Node.js). New web technologies change the entire web development process and it can be hard sometimes to understand all of them in the right way.